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Ultra NPTE Tutoring Course

Passing the NPTE

At PT Final Exam, we understand what it takes to get you through the NPTE.  We’ve been doing this for years, and it is a difficult process to say the least.


Sometimes it just takes a little extra effort to really understand and apply the concepts on the NPTE.  That’s why we’ve created our Ultra NPTE Tutoring Course.  In this course, we focus on the most important items you need to know for the exam, and we work hard to make sure that the concepts are clear and understood.

In this small group environment (5 participants maximum), you have the opportunity to get your questions answered and can reach out to the instructor for clarification at any time.

See the calendar here: 6 sessions x 3 hours each.  Sessions will be added according to student needs.

Included in the Ultra NPTE Tutoring Course:

  • Weekly 3-hour study sessions with Will Crane PT, DPT, NPTE Prep expert with nearly a decade of professional tutoring and clinical experience
  • Unlimited email support and phone support as needed
  • Walk-through hundreds of NPTE-style questions
  • Clinical case studies and explanations
  • Assignments to help you stay focused via workbook
  • Includes access to the popular Independent Study Course and Live Online Review Course till-you-pass*!
Small Group Focus

Because it’s important to feel free to ask as many questions as you wish, we keep the group size limited to 5 participants (maximum).

Live study sessions

We meet weekly for 6 consecutive weeks.  Each live session lasts up to 3 hours and is a great opportunity to study material and get your questions answered.

Video supplements

In addition to the live sessions, you’ll get supplemental video material to go over a number of topics commonly tested on the NPTE.

Written Materials

In the course, you’ll have access to a workbook, study guide, and full practice exam.  We go over tons of practice questions to really apply the content.


Ultra NPTE Tutoring also includes Till-you-pass access to the Independent Study Course and Live Online Review Courses!

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Seating is extremely limited!

Ultra NPTE Tutoring



Extremely limited seating


  • Small Group environment (up to 5 participants maximum)
  • Will Crane PT, DPT as lead tutor with unlimited support questions
  • Weekly study sessions (3 hours each x 6 weeks)
  • Includes sample exam with 200 questions
  • Bonus:  Till-you-pass access to Independent Study Course and Live Online Review Courses
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Payment Plan



Offers the course as a payment plan

Simply provides a payment plan for the Ultra NPTE Tutoring Course

Includes all of the features of the Ultra NPTE Tutoring Course.

Payment is done at the beginning of the tutoring and again after 3 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is my course access?

You will have access to the weekly study sessions for 6 weeks.  Once your 6 weeks of tutoring have been completed, you will then receive access to the Independent Study Course and Live Review Course until you pass the exam!

What is the refund policy on the Ultra NPTE Tutoring Course?

With the Ultra NPTE Tutoring Course, all sales have a 7-day refund window.  Please be committed to attending the sessions, as they are for your benefit.

How do I ask questions during the course?

As a rule, most questions will need to be submitted via email.  Phone conversations can also be scheduled.