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PT Independent Study Course

Awesome Online NPTE Preparation

What is the NPTE Independent Study Course?

Believe me, I know.  The FSBPT requires each exam candidate to have a thorough knowledge of the material published in the NPTE Content Outline.  This means that each student must study and know the topics contained therein.  Many students who do not pass the test on their first attempt underestimate the depth and scope of material that is tested on the NPTE.  Do not be one of those! Ensure your success through the power of being prepared! Having a plan is the first key to success in conquering the NPTE.

Getting organized is half the battle!  The PT Final Exam: Independent Study Course is designed to give you the edge when it comes to preparing for the NPTE.  This pre-recorded content is a great way to attack the content for the NPTE independently at your own pace.

What’s included:

Videos, videos, videos!

With over 50 hours of video content, you’ll be happy to find a bit of everything in this review course.  Original recordings from previous classes, you get all the benefit of the live course at 1/2 the cost!

Full Practice Exam

With over 200 pages of content, this practice exam is a great resource to understand the type, scope, and format of questions on the NPTE.

Full Study Guide

Taking you through the full FSBPT Content outline, this ebook study guide is a great way to gather information quickly.  With tons of handy tables and lists, this takes the most important material and summarizes it nicely.

Workbook and Workbook Key

Over 500 pages of structured workbook to help you get through the content on the NPTE!

Mini-learning modules

Mini-courses include lectures on:

  • Lymphatics!
  • Integumentary
  • Non-Systems
  • Gait analysis and deviations
Till-you-pass plan available!

From monthly subscriptions to a 1-time fee for till-you-pass access, we have a plan to fit your budget!

“Let me tell you--enrolling in this course is the best investment I made. It was worth every cent and more!”

— Marie DPT


Check it out!  You’ll thank yourself later!

Till-You-Pass Access*



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What’s Included:

  • Over 40 hours of video content (constantly growing)
  • Full study guide
  • Practice Exam
  • Workbook
  • Workbook Key
  • *–Till-you-pass access
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Monthly Subscription


Monthly Subscription
  • Over 40 hours of video content (constantly growing)
  • Full study guide
  • Practice Exam
  • Workbook
  • Workbook Key
  • Sample assignments
  • Monthly Subscription–Cancel anytime!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between the Independent Study Course and the LIVE Course?

Here’s a breakdown of the main differences:

Live Online Course:

  • Access to live webinars
  • Access to instructors for getting your questions answered
  • Live support
  • Completed much like a university course (live lectures, homework, access to instructors)

Independent Study Course:

  • Pre-recorded content from a previously recorded live class
  • Independent access to the recordings and content
  • No live or email questions
  • Completed independently

What format are the ebooks in?

The Study Guide, Practice Exam, Workbook, and Workbook Key are all in .pdf format and are easily viewable with any PDF viewing software.

Can I print out the ebooks?

You are welcome to print them or portions of them for your personal use.

What is Till-You-Pass Access?

What is Till-You-Pass Access?

Till-You-Pass Access

This is a fun one that I rolled out in 2017.  This is meant to really help students who need more time to pass the exam and who need a little more support to do so.  The increased cost represents a big investment in time/manpower to get all of your questions answered.

The FSBPT limits exam attempts to 6 in a lifetime.  Thus, in my Till-You-Pass products, you can access the material for up to 24 months.  Because you can take the exam up to 3 times each year, I also place a time limit of 24 months to get those 6 attempts completed.

The membership is set to auto-expire every 6 months, so you’ll need to verify your continued membership with a score report to continue your Till-You-Pass Access.  Simply email with your score report to extend your access.

Can I email you questions?

No.  Part of the reason the Independent Study Course is less expensive is because it does not include email or phone support.

In order to get your questions answered, please select one of the Live Online Courses, which will give you access to a licensed PT mentor to get your questions answered!